Hunter Trap™

Hunter Systems Group, Inc. in partnership with Quantum Signal, LLC introduce TRAP: Thermal Ribbon Analysis Platform

Developed under contract for the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) and the U.S. Secret Service, TRAP is a forensic-focused desktop device that enables extremely fast, efficient and automated recovery of data on thermal mass transfer (TMT) or dye diffusion thermal transfer (D2T2) ribbons.

Advanced desktop badge and document printers using thermal ribbon media have found their way into a variety of applications—photos, company badges, ID cards and more. While these printers are used legitimately everyday in offices around the world, they are also abused. Terrorist and criminal elements have used the same printing technologies—dye diffusion thermal transfer and thermal mass transfer—to generate counterfeit credit cards, identification badges, licenses and other documents. These counterfeits can be extremely high quality and difficult to differentiate from legitimate documents.

Fortunately, the thermal ribbon media used by these printers contains a wealth of data that is very valuable for forensic purposes. Latent images of what has been printed with them appear on used ribbons, and these images can be recovered with the right scanning equipment. This provides a unique opportunity for law enforcement and forensic examiners; if used ribbons can be recovered from potential crime scenes, evidence may be extracted from them. This evidence can be studied by forensic examiners to provide actionable intelligence for law enforcement.

TRAP can scan an average ribbon in about an hour andprovides a wealth of information, including unretouched source imagery and complete ecomposed images. Setup takes only minutes and scanning and processing are completely automated.

TRAP is simple to operate and requires no special training or expertise. The web-based interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can run scans, review images, manage files and configure settings from any network-connected PC.

The system enables users to easily and efficiently mount and scan a wide variety of cartridge formats from a desktop PC-connected device. TRAP provides a combination of automatic and manual recovery and enhancement tools from an integrated, user-friendly, GUI-based software application. The system supports a wide variety of output formats, supports ASCLD and related calibration/validation procedures, supports digital logging of actions and “signing” of data, and operates in a manner so as to be Daubert acceptable under examination. TRAP does not modify or damage the media in any way.

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