Hunter ION

The Complete Facial Recognition Solution

When it comes to protecting individuals and safe guarding valuables, every second counts. The faster and more effectively critical mandates are performed, the greater the chances for success. Hunter Systems Group’s new state of the art identification solution, Hunter ION, delivers the tools needed to identify and classify potential threats.

Hunter ION is a cutting-edge repository of information, which utilizes facial recognition to compare an image against a comprehensive database of records – in a matter of milliseconds. Comparisons can be performed using both static and live images, with results immediately delivered to the user’s pc, smart phone, or tablet. Unlike other biometric alternatives, facial recognition has the advantage of not requiring physical contact with the subject and can be accomplished without the use of advanced hardware components. Hunter ION utilizes existing image capture devices such as webcams, security cameras and other digital images.

Hunter ION empowers users to rapidly catalogue, search and share reports, trespass files, master name index, mug shots and photo arrays. The information can be categorized and indexed as sex offender, gang member, shop lifter – or virtually any other classification that an agency wishes to target or guard against.

The open design of Hunter ION makes processing, comparing, sharing and archiving images and information easy for any size or type of organization. With these capabilities, public safety agencies and private corporations may collaborate resources and information across disparate data sources and geographic areas.

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